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"Carrying the Weight of Generational Trauma"


Special Guest: Dr. Jessica Smedley

We deal with a plethora of issues - and most have nothing to do with us, but with our bloodline. Let's confront those weights and drop them!

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"My Title ≠ My Identity"


Special Guest: Dr. Laquita Blockson

You have to know that you have value beyond your titles. Because even when those titles fade, who you are is still necessary. Tune in!

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"Reinvent Yourself: Its NEVER Too Late to Create Your Absolute Best Self"


Special Guest: Dr. Dianah Lake

With transition and change, we have to be ok with reinventing ourselves. Tune in and find out why this is vital for your success and peace!

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"Journey To Wholeness"


Special Guest: Audra Nixon

Everyone should feel complete - no matter what occurs in life. Listen in to discover real steps to wholeness and hear one woman's powerful story!

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"Therapy Is Therapeutic"


Special Guest: Nicole Brown

The stigma on the word "Therapy" can be quite disturbing. This show highlights why Therapy is necessary and absolutely acceptable!

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"Mentoring Makes a Difference!"


Special Guest: Karen Johnson

Mentoring can be life changing, but finding and connecting to the right mentor is vital. Listen to find out how and why this can be beneficial for you.

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"Daddy's Little Girl: The Myth vs. The Reality"


Special Guest: Rev. Sharon Washington Williams

A female's relationship with her father is vital and helps to shape her identity. Please listen to learn how these connections bring healing and more.

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"Strengthening Sisterhood"


Special Guest: Kara Dunston

If we ever needed our sisters before, we sure do need them now! Enjoy this refreshing conversation on the power and necessity of female relationships.

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"Action & Activism"


Special Guests: Rev. Regina Clay and her daughter, Alisa Drayton

Enjoy this fresh voice and hear how the current times are impacting our younger generation.

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